How to connect a HP Printer in Netrunner os

This was a problem for me. My Deskjet 3055A was not supported in the standard printer set up in Netrunner.

But then I found a great homepage with a description of how to install HP printer manager.

View more her.

Basicly you open your Terminal/Konsole and type SU and password to become ROOT (Admin.).

Then you enter the command;

sudo pacman -S hplip

Then enter;

sudo pacman -S python2-pyqt


yaourt hplip-plugin


sudo gpasswd -a YOUR_USERNAME lp

Just say yes when ask, and write “Vim” when ask. And at one time I had to choose someting, and just choose “1”.

The system gave me some warinngs about the drivers not beeing supported, but I just ignored them.


sudo hp-setup

And I could now choose my printers make and model.

After this my testprint worked.