How to backup and restore Thunderbird in Netrunner OS.

If you want to backup your settings and mails in Thunderbird, there is as such no function to do that in the program.

What you have to du is find the Thunderbird folder in your filesystem and just copy it.

Open Dolphin (The filemanager) and go to the Home-folder on the left side of the screen. Make sure to enable Show hidden files and look for the folder named.thunderbird.

Then you open the folder and just copy the content to somewhere other than your harddrive. Could be a USB or external harddrive or Dropox.

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If you justhave instaled Netrunner OS, and want to restore your Thunderbird settings, you just do the samt. Locate the .thunderbird-folder and copy your backup files in to the folder.

Please note, that maby you can not find the folder – that is because you have not used Thunderbird after the new install.

If that is the question, you have to open Thunderbird and set op a mail account. When that is done, Thunderbird will have made a folder, and now you can copy you back up to the folder.

After my restore, the foler lokked like this, and I have all my mails and settings.

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