How to install Dropbox in Netrunner OS

I wanted to install Dropbox.

First I went to the homepage of Dropbox and tried to follow their way in the terminal.

But the installation was incomplete.

So I made a search on the internet and found this.

Click on the arrow in the left bottom of the screen. Click on the Green ghost/Octopus and the program manager Octopi opens.

Search for Dropbox. At my Pc I did not find anything.

But I looked in the rights side of the screen and made a click on <Yaourt>.

Then my search found Dropbox.

I made a right click and choose Install, and after a little time, I god Dropbox.

First time you starts Dropbox, you have to login or create an account. After that it is just running.

Note – Yaourt is the programs made for the Arch Linux System