How to install add-ons in Firefox on Netrunner OS

When I am browsing the internet I am using the default brower in Netrunner. It is called Firefox.

But all the advertisement is sloving the process down when loading a page.

And I like to decide if Flash is running or not.

Therefor I recommed you to installe some extensions to Firefox.

You can debate wether an ad-blocker if fair (the ads contribute to paying for many pages), but I like it.

If you want to install an extension, you open Firefox.

Then you go to the top right corner looking for a button looking like 3 stripes. It is called Open menu.

Clik on the button.

Then choose Add-ons.

On th left side of the screen choose Extensions to view what is allready in Firefox.

Then you search for Adblock Plus. When found you install.

After that you search for Flashblock. When found you install.

Tjeck that both is enable.

After the instalation you closes Firefox.

Next time you open Firefox the extensions is working.

On my PC it looks like this.

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