How to install a program on Netrunner OS

Being a non teck person, I try to avoid the command line.

Therefore I will show how to install programmers in Netrunner using the program manager called Octopi.

First open Octopi. You will find it in the menu at the bottom left corner of your screen. Look for an Icon looking like a green Octopus or ghost.

When open you can go to the search bar and type the name of your program.

In this case I want to install a program called KeepassX.

Skærmprint inden3

When you see your programs, just right click on it, and choose Install.

Then at the bottom of the Octopi screen you get a list of what is to be installed.

Now click at the green “V”-mark and you are asked if it is correct that you want to install. Say yes.

Type in you machines Root password.

A Root password is the password you’re using to your admin-roll.

And then the program is installed.